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        Campus Recruitment

        It’s the most-coveted, hands-on internship in the industry.

        Pioneer seeks highly motivated problem-solvers who aren’t afraid to get their steel-toe boots dusty exploring in the Permian Basin, or wear out their keyboards showing their skills with numbers and data. Whatever your specialty, we have an internship that fits your interests.

        If you are eager to learn and ready to contribute, Pioneer is the place for you.

        During your Pioneer internship, you’ll showcase your skills, assist our exploration and development efforts, and lay the foundation for a meaningful career. Our unique company culture, West Texas oil field visits and robust mentoring program offer career-building opportunities that are second to none.

        When it comes to internships, don’t just observe – make an impact at Pioneer!

        Recruiting Schedule

        Our pipeline of outstanding talent runs through top colleges and universities. Each fall, Pioneer recruiters visit campuses to identify potential interns and employees.

        View our?campus recruiting brochure.

        Focus areas:
        • Engineering
        • Land
        • Geoscience
        • Accounting/Finance
        • Mathematics
        • Information Technology
        • Supply Chain
        • Data Science

        Field and office opportunities are available in the Dallas and Midland, Texas, areas.

        Campus recruitment map

        Date Location
        August 23 Texas Tech University: Meet the Industry
        September 6 University of Texas: Career Fair 101
        September 6 University of Texas at Dallas: Campus Diversity Reception
        September 7 University of Texas at Dallas: STEM Career Fair
        September 11 University of Texas: Engineering Career Fair
        September 12 University of Oklahoma: Business Career Fair
        September 12 Prairie View A&M University: All Campus Career Fair
        September 13 University of Oklahoma: Engineering Career Fair
        September 13 Texas A&M University: Engineering Career Fair
        September 14 Texas A&M University: SPE Career Enhancement Event
        September 19 Texas Tech University: Engineering Career Fair
        September 20 University of Texas Permian Basin: All Campus Career Fair
        October 1-2 Laramie, Wyoming: American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG): Rocky Mountain Rendezvous
        October 3 Texas Tech University: Business Career Fair
        October 4 University of North Texas: Career Fair
        October 8 MIT Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP) Presentation

        Discover why we like to say our employees are our greatest asset.