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        The relationships we cultivate with our Pioneer suppliers and contractors are an important part of our business. We value a strong working alliance, and we understand that both respect and communication are essential.

        We set our expectations and ethical standards high for a reason, and we strive to work with companies that value the same standards as Pioneer. We view integrity, safety, and environmental stewardship as priorities, and we’ve outlined these items and more in our Code of Business Conduct.

        We want to work with the best suppliers in the business. Whether you are a prospective or current supplier, we invite you to learn more about doing business with Pioneer.

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        RESPECT Core Values

        Current Suppliers

        The relationships we build with our Pioneer suppliers and contractors are an important part of our business.

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        Prospective Suppliers

        Pioneer welcomes new suppliers that can contribute to the achievement of our operational objectives.

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        Supply Chain Management

        Our Supply Chain team strives to ensure quality standards and achieve benefits for both Pioneer and its suppliers.

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        If you need additional information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions specifically developed for our Suppliers.

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        Contact Us

        Please complete our Supplier Help web form to direct your question to the appropriate team at Pioneer.

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