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        Pioneer's environmental initiative, Stewardship365, focuses on our responsibility to environmental stewardship each day of the year, whether at work or at home.

        Stewardship365 logo


        We actively promote environmental stewardship through employee engagement activities, training and communication campaigns to educate, empower and encourage Pioneer employees to continue improving their environmental focus – and doing the right thing – each and every day.

        The foundational principles of our Stewardship365 program include:

        • Responsible Operations: Respect the air, land and water
        • Thoughtful Planning: Consider the environment in decision-making
        • Ownership: Empower employees and contractors to do the right thing
        • Communication: Effectively share knowledge and ideas
        • Sustainable Practices: Create value through efficiency and innovation
        • Continual Improvement: Reduce our environmental footprint
        Sustainability Report

        We’re proud to share our sustainability efforts, and we are dedicated to making continued progress in the years to come.